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Juice & Pulp Extraction Equipment

Fruit & Vegetable Crusher

Suitable for crushing hard seedless fruits & vegetables such as pineapple, apple, tomato, carrots etc before pulping or juice extraction.

Available in various capacities / models:-

Model Filling Range
C-114 200-300 kg/hr 1 HP
C-117 500-700 kg/hr 3 HP

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Twin Pulper

Suitable to deseed or deskin and extract pulp from fruits & vegetables like mango, litchi and tomato. It cons'sts of two stages of pulping. First stage is for deseeding or deskinning. The pulp extracted from first stage goes into the second stage for refining. All contact parts are made of SS with optional covers in MS or SS.

Available in following models / capacities:-

Model Capacity Power
P2-120 1 T/hr 7.5 HP
P2-123 2 T/hr 8 HP

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Hammer Crusher

Suitable to crush seedless fruits & vegetables before pulping or juice extraction. Fitted with swing type hammer which ensures even granulating of crushed material.

Available in following models and capacities:-

Model No. Capacity Power
C 118 1 T/hr 5 HP
C 119 1.5-2 T/hr 7.5 HP

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Fruit & Vegetable Pulper

Suitable for extraction of pulp from fruits or vegetable like mango, litchi, guava, tomato, carrot, apples.

Available in following models and capacities:-

Model No. Capacity Power
P-108 80-100 kr/hr 0.5 HP
P-111 300-500 kr/hr 1 HP
P-115 500-1000 kr/hr 3 HP
P-117 1-1.5 T/hr 5 HP

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(For Fresh Paste Extraction)
Suitable to make paste by pulverising hard fruit and vegetables like ginger,garlic, onion, carrot, and tomato etc.
Whole or cut pieces are fed into the hopper which pulverises and grind the same at high rotation of the crushing head. Specially designed pulverising head with removal sieve ensures adaptability to different fruits and vegetables.The pulverisers head is water jackatted and ensure high-end product quality as the pulverising is kept low.
Available in 100-1000 kg/hr capacities models.

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Helicoidal Juice Extractor

Suitable for continuous extraction of juices from fruits like pineapple, orange, apple and kiwi etc. Unique spiral design of the machine ensures high yield juice recovery without making it bitter.

Available in 200, 500, 1000 kg/hr capacity models with MS / SS frame options.

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Hydraulic Juice Press

Suitable to extract juice from hard crushed fruits and vegetables like pineapple / apple / ginger / amla etc. in batch process. The crushed fruits are wrapped and stacked between wooden crates and then pressed using hydraulic pressure to yield maximum juice.

Available in 200, SOO and1000 kg/hr input capacity models.

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