B-136, Sector-63, Noida-201001,
Uttar Pradesh, India

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Inspection and Preparation for Fruits and Vegetables

Conveyor For Product Feed

For feeding, inspection, preparation or cutting of fresh fruits and vegetables. Available from 1 to 10 MT/hr feed capacities.

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Inspection & Cutting Conveyor

For feeding, inspection, preparation and cutting of fresh fruits or vegetables. Available from 1 to 10 MT/hr feed capacities and in one to three tier models having 6 to 24 work stations.

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Bucket Elevator

For moving or lifting the fruits or vegetables to the crusher or extraction machines. Available in various sizes as per capacity requirement.

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Fruit and Vegetable Washer

Suitable for washing mangoes, litchi, tomato, carrot, apple or leafy/root vegetables. The fruits or vegetables are subjected to strong water agitation for removal of dirt. The washers can also be fitted with removable type roller brushes to enhance cleaning process. A PE/SS chain outfeed conveyor carries the product to the next stage. The machine can also be fitted with secondary fresh water spraying or surface moisture reducing air blowers.

Available in following models:

Model No. Capacity Power
MFW 1000 750-1000 kg/hr 6 HP
MFW 2000 1500-2000 kg/hr 9 HP
MFW 3000 3000 kg/hr 12 HP
MFW 5000 5000 kg/hr 15 HP
MFW 10000 10000 kg/hr 25 HP

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Roller Drum washer

For washing various root vegetables and hard fruits which may require extensive cleaning. Fruits get tumbled, while conveyed, and get washed. The inside chamber may optionally be fitted with brushes.
Available in 2 to 10 MT/hr capacities.

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