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Fruit Juice & Pulp Extraction Equipment

Fruit Hammer Crusher

Suitable to crush seedless fruits/vegetables before pulping/juice extraction. Fitted with swing type hammer which ensures even granulating of crushed material. Available in following models and

Model No. Capacity Power
C 120 3 MT/hr 7.5 HP
C 123 5 MT/hr 10 HP
C 126 10 MT/hr 20 HP

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Hot Break System

The Hot Break System generates a thermal treatment that completely inactivates the pectic enzymatic activity. Suitable for pre-heating of tomato and guavas before juice extraction. The raw washed tomatoes or guavas are crushed in the mill and gets collected in the bottom tank. The Hot Break System is then circulated through the heat exchanger for preheating up to required temperature. Steam is the heating media used in the heat exchanger to heat the crush. After achieving the required temperature the product is discharged to a pulper for pulp extraction.

Advantages of Hot Break System:

  • Deactivating the enzymes, which are likely to be generated.
  • Getting good colour and maximum recovery.
  • Better quality of the product.
  • Available in capacities from 1 to 10 MT/hr.

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This machine is used for skin removal, pulping and finishing of pulps from produce like mangoes, litchi, pineapple, tomato, carrot etc. The equipment incorporate scraper rotors, spiral scraper and brushes rotating at high speed which separate the stone, skin and pulp. The secondary stage refines the pulp received from the primary stage.

Model No. Capacity Type Motor
P2-120 3 MT/hr Twin 12.5 HP
P2-123 5 MT/hr Twin 22.5 HP
P2-126 7.5-10 MT/hr Twin 35 HP

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The machine is suitable for removing the stone/seed from fruits like mango, peach, apricot, cherry etc. by changing different perforation screens.

The fruits are opened up in the special crushing zone and the pulp is separated from the skin and stone.

Destoner is available in capacities from 1 to 10 MT/hr.

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Turbo Extractor & Refiner

Suitable for cold break crushing/pulping of seedless fruit/vegetable like tomatoes to make concentrate juice and sauces.

Cold break extraction ensures lower temperature of enzyme passivation thus enhancing colour and quality of the pulp.

The first stage makes the first break then the refiner separates the skin and seeds from pulp.

The refiner is fitted with different perforation screens.

Production range: 1 to 10 MT/hr

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Suitable for continuous separation of suspended solids from liquids or clarification of liquids. Modular construction, optimal adaptation to raw fruit/vegetable.
Available from 2 to 10 MT/hr.

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Belt Press

SThis is a continuous juice extractor especially for fruits like apple, grape, pear, pineapple and carrot etc. The speciality of this machine is its high yield percentage of extracted juice. The machine is robust, multi-purpose and easy to maintain.

Available in following models:

Model No. TBP-03 TBP-05 TBP-10
Capacity 3 MT/hr 5 MT/hr 10 MT/hr
Belt Width in mm 1000 1200 1750
Power HP 18 22 22
Size in mm 4000x1500x1900 4500x1800x2200 4600x2300x2350
Weight in kg 3600 4200 5800

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