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Canning Equipment

Can Body Reformer

Suitable for reforming flattened cans into round shape. Speed: 10-15 cans/min.

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Suitable for flanging Can-ends after reforrning.
Speed: 10-15 cans/min.

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LID Embossing

Suitable for embossing batch number, manufacturing date etc on the lid before seaming.
Speed: 10-15 lids/min.

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Can Body Beader

Suitable for beading of cans.
Speed 10-15 cans/min


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Canning Retort

Suitable for sterilization of cans and bottles after exhausting and sealing. Cans or bottles are sterilized up to 110 - 120°C for a period of 15 to 30 minutes.
Available in 21, 90, 200, 300, 425 cans/batch capacities.

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Exhaust Box

Suitable to exhaust entrapped air from filled cans / bottles before seaming. Filled cans are passed through exhaust box and as the temperature increases, the air expands and is exhaust., thus removing any entrapped air pockets. This process increases shelf life. Cans or bottles are then hermetically sealed to ensure long shelf life.
Available in 12 and 18 feet length with MS or SS slat chain / frame option.

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Double Seamer BM 1 ADS (Rotary Type)

Suithble for seaming cans. The can rotates during seaming operation with stationary seaming rollers hermetically seaming the lid.
Speed: 10-1S cans/min.

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Double Seamer BM 102 DS (Still Type)

Suitable for high speed airtight seaming of OTS cans. The can is stationary while the rollers seam it hermetically.
Speed: 20-25 cans/min.

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Double Seamer BM 24 DS (Still Type)

Suitable for high speed air-tight seaming of OTS cans.
Speed: 35-40 cans/min.

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Cooling Conveyor (For Cans, Bottles & Pouches)

This Continuous Cooling Conveyor reduces the temperature of hot filled liquids packed in cans, pouches or glass bottles. Its working process is divided into two stages. First stage uses ambient temperature water and in the second stage it does cold water cooling. This ensures creation of vacuum inside the container after bringing down the temperature to ambient thus ensuring long shelf life. The time in each of the two stages can be regulated as per the requirement. The complete structure is made of SS 304 while the conveying belt is made of high temperature resistant polypropylene (CPP).

Available in 2 to 6 meters length models.

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