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Automatic Plant for Pulp, Juice for Apple, Pear & Pineapple

This line is ideal for processing of clarified juice from a wide range of raw fruits like apple, pear and pineapple which have similar characteristic. The procedures is to crush the whole fruit in a Fruit/Hammer Mill. The crushed fruit is called mash which is then passed through a Belt Press to get the high yield of juice. The end-product thus received has pure flavour, bright colour, and high material usage percentage. This processing line has high level of automation, low labour intensity, ease of operation, safe functioning and low operation cost. The line adopts hygienic processing, can be cleaned thoroughly and has high level of sanitation.

Apple: Delicious and crunchy, apple is one of the most popular and favourite fruits among the health conscious and fitness lovers who firmly believe in the concept of "health is wealth." This wonderful fruit is packed with rich phyto-nutrients that, in the true sense is indispensable for optimal health. Certain antioxidants in apple have several health promoting and disease prevention properties, and thereby, truly justifying the adage, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Apart from health care and nutrition, it is also known for medicinal values.

Pear: Sweet, delicious and rich flavoured pears offer crunchiness of apples yet juicy as peach and nectarine. They are widely popular, particularly in the whole of the northern hemisphere, for their unique nutrient qualities. It is said that pear is related to the apple. Unlike apples though, most pear varieties have paper-thin skins which are not easy to peel. The skins vary in colour - yellow, green, brown, red, or a combination of any of these colours. The light colour flesh of pears is juicy, sweet and usually mild. Its texture is soft and buttery and some varieties have grainy flesh.

Pineapple is one of the most prized and popular fruits. Also known as "ananas" has an interesting history to narrate. The fruit is actually indigenous to Paraguay, in South America from where it spread to the South and Central Americas and to the West Indies. The pineapple is a tropical plant with edible multiple fruit consisting of coalesced berries, and the most economically significant plant.


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