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Automatic Bottling Equipment For PET & Glass Bottles

FAB Series Automatic Monobloc Rinser, Filler & Capper

FAB series monobloc bottling machine is a third generation bottling machine incorporating state-of-the-art design.

The air infeed conveyor feeds the bottle to the rinsing section. Its followed by advanced micro negative filling and then the filled bottle is capped hermetically.

Monobloc design ensures hygienic conditions are maintained and minimal exposure of product to the atmosphere.

The machine's unique neck holding design for bottle transfer ensures quick changeover to various sizes of bottles from 200 ml - 2 Ltr.

The machine incorporates high level of automation like "no-bottle-no-fill" and "nobottle- no-cap", low cap alarm duly controlled by centralized panel.

Complete machine is aesthetically designed and fabricated and ensures sturdy and stable running.

Technical Specifications:-

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Automatic Barrel Filling & Capping Machine

Suitable for cleaning, filling and capping of 10 to 25 litres polycarbonate / PET barrels. The barrels are fed to bottle holders, which tilt the bottle on top of high pressure spray which washes the barrel. The machine also has Angular Spray for external wash.

After the cleaning stage the barrels are fed on the filling conveyor. The filling is executed by a highly sensitive sensor activating a flow of water to an accurate predetermined measured quantity. The machine incorporates no-barrelno- fill system.

After filling, barrels automatically move to the capping stage where the caps are released from the vibrator to the barrels and the barrels are sealed automatically using a capping head. The entire system is enclosed in a stainless steel / glass outer casing. After the capping stage the barrels are automatically conveyed to the output conveyor.

The above system can also be synchronised with an automatic barrel brushing/washing unit to throughly clean the same.

Models / Technical Specifications:-

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Semi Automatic Jar Brushing Washer

Suitable to thoroughly clean 20 Liter jar with water jet spraying / brushing arrangement. The jars are manually fed onto brushing rod assembly and is brushed / cleaned by rotating and simultaneous jet spray.

Capacity 30-40 jars/hr.

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Automatic Cup Filling & Sealing Machine

Automatic Cup filling machine is designed to fill & seal plastic cups automatically with speed upto 40 cups / min.

The machine comes with a linear conveyor.

The cups are loaded to the cup holders and are automatically carried to the filling stations where the cups are filled accurately. The filled cups are then provided with seals by a "Pick & Place" system. After which the cups are sealed by the cup sealer. Cup fill volume: 200 ltr Available in 2 to 4 Head models and capacity from 40-80 Cups/min

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