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Automatic Bottling Plant for Juice

FAB Series Automatic Monobloc Rinser, Filler & Capper (For Hot Fill Application)

FAB series monobloc bottling machine is designed for hot filling of juices. The advanced micro-negative filling ensures accurate brim filling. It incorporates specialy designed hot filling valves which can easily be cleaned. The machine is controlled through touch screen PLC which controls the entire operation such as "No-Bottle-No-Cap". Also the inbuilt temperature sensing ensures that the beverage is not filled below the set filling temperature.

Automatic flow control valves ensure that the excess beverage flows back to overflow holding tank. This model can also be adapted for filling water.

Technical Specifications:-

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Bottle Warming & Cooling Conveyor

This Continuous Spray Conveyor is suitable to reduce the temperature of hot fill drink bottles to 30-36ºC or to increase the temperature of cold filled aerated drinks to 36-40ºC. Its working process is divided into 2/3 stages.

First stage circulates hot water spray. Second stage does water pre-cooling, and the third stage does cold watercooling.

The time in each of the 2/3 stages can be regulated as per the requirement. The complete structure is made of SS 304 while the conveying belt is made of high temperature resistant polypropylene (CPP).

Technical Specifications:-

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