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Fruit / Vegetable Washing Machines & Preparation Equipment

Inspection / Preparation / Cutting Conveyor | Fruit and Vegetable Washer | Elevators | Root Vegetable Peeler / Washer
We specialize in providing unique vegetable washing machines, fruit washing machines and preparation equipment for small to medium size fresh cut operations. These machines are designed for hygienic processing of the fruits and vegetables along with cost-effective operation. The unique design of the machine, completely eliminates human interference and provides full control for speed adjustment. Our range of fruit / vegetable washing machines & preparation equipment are available in different designs to suit the varying requirements of the customers.
We export wide range of vegetable washing machines, fruit washing machines, vegetable washing equipment, fruit washing equipment, vegetable preparation equipment, fruit preparation equipment, inspection conveyor, preparation conveyor, cutting conveyor, fruit washer, vegetable washer, vegetable elevators, extraction machines, custom extraction machines, root vegetable peeler and root vegetable washer.

Inspection / Preparation / Cutting Conveyor

Suitable for feeding, inspection, preparation, cutting of fresh fruits/vegetables. Available from 1T/hr to 10 T/hr feed capacities. Available in 1 t o3 tier models having 6 to 24 work stations.

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Cutting Conveyor
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Fruit and Vegetable
Fruit and Vegetable Washer

These vegetable washing equipment and fruit washing equipment is suitable for washing various fruits / vegetables. The vegetable washing machines and fruit washing machines can wash and clean multiple kinds of fruits and vegtables. The fruits are subjected to strong water agitation for removal of dirt. The washed fruits are then conveyed to the next state by a pick up conveyor. Available in the following models.

Model Capacity Power
MFW 1000 750-1000 kg/hr 6 HP
MFW 2000 1500-2000 kg/hr 9 HP
MFW 3000 3000 kg/hr 12 HP
MFW 5000 5000 kg/hr 15 HP


Suitable for lifting the fruits / vegetables to be fed to the crusher or extraction machines. Available in various sizes as per the requirement of customer.

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Root Vegetable Peeler
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Root Vegetable Peeler / Washer

Suitable for washing and / or peeling of root vegetables like carrot, patato, raddish etc. The machine is equipped with 7 to 9 rotating soft/hard brushes which throughly clean and peel the vegetables under a jet spray. Available in 500 kg to 1 T/hr capacities.

Model Capacity No. of rollers Power
RPW 500 400-500 kg/hr 1m x 7 nos. 2 HP
RPW 1000 750-1000 kg/hr 1.5 m x 9 nos. 3 HP


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