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Fruit / Vegetable Slicer / Cutter / Peeler

Dicer / Cuber | Multifunction Vegetable Slicer / Chopper | Garlic Peeler - Batch Type | Multi-Purpose Vegetable Slicer
Our sturdy range of Fruit/Vegetable slicer / cutter / peeler and chopper replaces the need of manual handling of fresh fruits and vegetables, thus increasing efficiencies of production and hygiene of products. We offer wide range of vegetable slicer, vegetable slicer chopper, vegetable slicer dicer, commercial vegetable slicer, fruit slicer, fruit slicer chopper, fruit slicer dicer, commercial fruit slicer, electric vegetable slicer, electric fruit slicer, potato slicer, vegetable slicing machine, fruit slicing machine and spiral vegetable slicer.

Dicer, Cuber
Dicer / Cuber
Suitable for dicing and cubing of vegetables likes papayya, carrots, potato, pineapple etc. Unique design produces cubes in sizes of 5x5 mm or 20x20mm with interchangable dies. We also provide Vegetable Slicer dicer and Vegetable Slicer chopper.
Capacity : 350-500 kg/hr
Power load : 2 Hp

Vegetable Slicer

Multifunction Vegetable Slicer / Chopper

Suitable to slice and chop various vegetables like carrots, potatoes and ginger etc. The vegetable slicer chopper can produce variable sized slices which are then conveyed to the chopping section. The intermittent chopping blade action produce slices/chops/cuts/finger-cuts etc. The cuts sizes can be varied by the variable infeed conveyor.
Capacity : 350-500 kg/hr
Power Load : 1 HP

Multifunction Vegetable Slicer

Garlic Peeler - Batch Type
Garlic Peeler - Batch Type
Suitable to peel garlic cloves. Specially designed peeling chamber / blades ensure peeling without damaging the cloves.
Peeling Time : 3 to 4 minutes of each batch.
Available in : 50 and 100 kg/hr models.

Multi-Purpose Vegetable Slicer
These commercial vegetable slicer is suitable for slicing or chopping leafy vegetables, beans, tomatoes, chilli etc. Unique design incorporating infeed food grade conveyor controlled by a variable speed drive controller and an adjustable gripping conveyor which feeds the product to the clicing head. The variable infeed controlled conveyor ensures variation in cut / slice thickness of sizes.

Available in following models:
BPM 303 360 - 500 kg/hr 1 HP
BPM 306 750 - 900 kg/hr 3HP

Multi-Purpose Vegetable Slicer