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Pasteurization Equipment

Pasteurization equipment are designed for heating pasteurization/cooling of diffrent liquids like milk, juice, pulp, puree etc. to prolong their shelf life. We manufacture pasteurizers in plate type for free flowing liquids and mutlitube design for viscous liquids like pulp, puree etc. We supply variety of pasteurization equipment, milk pasteurization equipment, juice pasteurization equipment, flash pasteurization equipment, dairy equipment etc.

Plate Type Pasteurizer

Automatic plate type pasteurizer are designd for heating, pasteurization, holding and cooling of liquids like milk, juice and other beverages to prolong their shelf life.

The equipment is skid mounted and incorporates balance tank, water heating system, pasteurizer plate-pack, holding tubes, cooling section. The system is controlled through PID, flow pneumatic diversion valve and steam flow control valve.

The equipment can also be made available in HTST design.

Capacity: From 200 L/hr to 10000 L/hr.
Plate Type Pasteurizer

Model PUT-1000 PUT-2000 PUT-3000 PUT-5000 PUT-10000
Capacity 1000 L/hr 2000 L/hr 3000 L/hr 5000 L/hr 10000 l/hr
Power 3 HP 3 HP 4 HP 6 HP 10 HP

Multi-Tube Coaxial Pasteurizer

Multi-Tube Coaxial Pasteurizer

Multi-tube Coaxial Heat Exchanges are particularly suitable for pasteurising and/or cooling of beverages having low and medium viscosity like pulp, puree etc. Pasteurization or cooling is done with steam, hot water and cold water.

Can be designed into monotube /multitube /shell & tube / three-four concentric tube type models depending upon the requirements of the product / capacity.

Model BM 10D 100 BM 10D 3000 BM 10D 5000 BM 10D 10000
Capacity 1000 L/hr 3000 L/hr 5000 L/hr 10000 l/hr
power 15 kw 25 kw 40 kw 72 kw
Sys. Pressure 4 Mpa 5 Mpa 10 Mpa 16 Mpa


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