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Fruit Juice Extractor / Pulp Extraction Equipment

Fruit Mill Crusher / Hammer Crushing Machine | Fruit and Vegetable Pulper (Single Stage)
Fruit and Vegetable Pulper (Twin Stage) | Helicoidal Juice Extractor | Belt Press
We offer a complete range of fruit juice extractor and pulp extraction equipment, which are specially designed for minimum wastage, high productivity and hygiene. These machines are suitable for both fruits and vegetables such as Mango, Orange, Apples, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Tomato, aloevera, awla and more. All the machines have a sturdy construction and are unique in design. Our range of fruit juice extractors and pulp extraction plants are available in different models and varying capacities based upon the requirement of the clients.
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Flow Chart for Extraction of Juice / Pulp

Fruit Juice Extractor
Fruit Mill Crusher / Hammer Crushing Machine

These fruit juice machines and extractor suitable for crushing hard seedless fruits before pulping or juice extraction. Available in following models:

Available in Capacity :
C 114 300 kg/hr (1 HP)
C 117 1.5/2 T/hr (3 HP)
C 120 3 T/hr (7.5 HP)
C 123 5 T/hr (10 HP)
C 126 10 T/hr (20 HP)

Fruit Juice Extractor
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Fruit and Vegetable Pulper
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Fruit and Vegetable Pulper (Single Stage)

Suitable for extraction of pulp from vegetables and fruits like mango, litchi, guava, pear, tomato, passion fruit, grape etc. Available from 80 Kg/Hr to 3 T/Hr capacity.

BM Pulpers are available in following capacities:
P-108 80 Kg/hr 0.5 HP
P-111 0.5 T/hr 1 HP
P-114 1.0 T/hr 3 HP
P-117 2.0 T/hr 5 HP
P-120 2.5/3.0 T/hr 7.5 HP
Fruit Juice Machines

Fruit and Vegetable Pulper (Twin Stage)

These equipment are used for destoning, skin, removal, pulping and finishing of pulps from produce like mangoes, litchi, pineapple, tomato, carrot etc.

The equipment incorporate scraper rotors, spiral scraper and brushes rotating at high speed which separate the stone, skin and pulp. The secondary stage refines the pulp received from the primary stage.

Model Capacity (t/hr) Type Motor Capacity (HP)
P2-120 3 Twin 12.5
P2-123 5 Twin 22.5
P2-12 7.5-10 Twin 35

Fruit and Vegetable Pulper
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Helicoidal Juice Extractor
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Helicoidal Juice Extractor
Suitable for extraction of juices from fruits like pineapple, orange, apple, ginger, awla etc. Unique spiral design of the machine ensures high yield juice recovery without making it bitter. Continuous feeding/extraction of product ensures minimal labour.

Available in 500kg to 1 T/hr capacities

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Belt Press
This is a contionous juice extractor especially for fruits like apple/grape/pear/pineapple/carrot etc. The speciality of this equipment is high yield percentage of extracted juice. The equipment is robust,multi-purpose and easy to maintain

Available on the following models:
Model TBP-05 TBP-10 TBP-20
Capacity 5 T/hr 10 T/hr 15-20 T/hr
Width of Belt 1200mm 1750mm 2500mm
Power 22 22 40
Size 4500x1800x2200 4600x2300x2350 5000x3280x2450
Weight 4200kg 5800kg 7500kg

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Belt Press


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