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BMPL manufactures range of bottling machines, automatic bottling machines, semi auto bottling machines, semi automatic bottling machines, bottle filling machines, semi automatic bottle filling and bottling capping machines. Our reliable range of bottle filling machines and bottle capping machines suitable for filling liquids like juices, ketch up jams / curry / paste /etc. Our high quality range includes Bottle Fillers (Vaccum / Piston). (Luq / Crown Cap / PP Caps) Bottle cappna machines.
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Bottle Filling Machines
Vacuum Filler - 21(SS)
Vaccum Filler

Suitable for filling viscous liquids like juice, ketchup and syrup in glass bottles with narrow necks. Available in 2-6 head models in MS or SS finishes.

VF 21 2 Head 10-12 bottles/min
VF 24 4 Head 20-25 bottles/min
VF 27 6 Head 35-40 bottles/min

The above models are also available with partial vacuum to fill PET bottles.

Bottling Machines
GP Paste/Pickle Filling Machine

This machine is a Semi-Automatic Piston Type Filling Machine and is suitable to fill thick viscous liquids with granules or pieces like Sauce, Pickle, Salasa Sauce.

Elegant in design and model, the machine has a vertical structure which saves space.
- Made of stainless steel, GMP standard
- Filling valve is controlled by the electro - magnetic sensor, ensures filling accuracy
- Filling head adapts anti-pull and lifting filling device.

Filling speed 10-20 bottles/ min depending upto product / filling volume
Filling accuracy <- 1%
Optional models 25-250 ml, 50-500 ml, 100-1000 ml

GP Paste Filling Machine

GC-BL 1 (Single Head) Filler
GC-BL 1 (Single Head) Filler
This machine is suitable for fillling thick viscous liquids like jams/curry/paste/chocolate/sauce/mayonnaise etc is different types of containers.

Semi Automatic Filling machine, GMP Standard.

Model Filling range (ml) Capacity (fills/m) Air usage (Ft3/min)
GC-BL-100 10-100 20-25 5.7
GC-BL-500 100-500 12-18 5.7
GC-BL-1000 200-1000 8-14 5.7
GC-BL-2000 500-2000 6-10 8.8

GC-BL 2 (Double Head ) Filler
The double head filling machine can fill high and low viscous liquids in two different containers at a time. They can be used in industries of pharmaceutics, foodstuffs, cosmetics, daily chemical for smooth and accurate filling into specified containers.

Model Filling range (ml) Capacity (fills/m) Air usage (Ft3/min)
GC-BL/2-100 20-1000 40-50 5.7
GC-BL/2-500 100-500 24-36 5.7
GC-BL/2-1000 200-1000 16-28 5.7
GC-BL/2-2000 500-2000 12-16 8.8

GP Paste Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Bottle Washer (Brushing)
Semi-Automatic Bottle Washer (Brushing)
Designed to throughly clean and wash recycled narrow neck glass bottles. The bottles are throughly cleaned from inside by rotating brushes while these are simultaneously brushed and cleaned from outside by brushes.

Production : 2000-2400 bottles/hr (depends upon bottle dirt)
No. of Washing Heads : 24
Power : 1.5 kw
Weight : 600 kg

Semi-Automatic Bottle Rinser
Suitable to wash fresh glass bottles.

Production Capacity : 2000-2400 bottles/hr
No. of washing heads : 24
Power : 0.75 kw
Weight : 600 kg
Semi-Automatic Bottle Rinser

Bottle Capping Machines
Crown Corking
Crown Corking

Ideal for Sealing crown corks on glass bottles. This is a simple hand operated machine, simple to operate fuse

Capacity: 8-10 Bottles/min.

Lug Cap Sealers

Suitable for bottle capping with lug caps. Pneumatically opreated and more efficient as well as faster.

Available in following models:
LCS - 6 (Table model) 10-12 bottles/min
LCS - 12 (Semi-automatic Pedestal model) 20-25 bottles/min

Lug Cap Sealers - lcs-6

PP Cap Sealer(Pedestal)
PP Cap Sealer(Pedestal)

The PP cap sealer is ideally suitable for sealing bottles/bottle capping with Pilfer Proof Caps. This method provides a tamper proof sealing of the the opening of a containers.

Available in following models:
PP3 Table model 6 bottles/min
PP6 Pedestal model 10 bottles/min
PP9 Motorised model 15 bottles/min

Semi-Automatic Screw on Cap Sealer

The automatic screw on cap sealer is used to provide tamper proof sealing for bottles and cans. These cap sealers can be used for continuous high speed and continuous sealing application.

Semi-Automatic Screw on Cap Sealer