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Automatic Filling Machine / Capping Lines for Glass Bottles

We offer an advanced range of auto bottling machines and automatic filling machine that are used for filling and capping of products like cosmetics (shampoo, cream, lotions) lubricants and viscous food products (honey, paste, puree, sauces, jams etc.) pharmaceutical cream and specialty applications. These can be easily connected with PLC control to adjust the frequency to synchronize with the whole line. Our range of bottling machines are available in different models to suit the process application of the clients. We offer wide range of automatic filling machine, automatic capping machine, fully automatic filling machine and fully automatic capping machine.

Automatic Piston Filler
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Automatic Piston Filler
For High Viscosity Liquid

This piston filler is suitable for a wide range of products such as tomato or chilli sauce, jam, chutney, thick paste, granular beverages (e.g. orange particles). The PLC controlled machine automatically controls processes such as material mixing system, three point liquid level control, frequency control, bottle inlet and outlet, speed control and available bottle filling control. With its stable running and accurate filling, this machine can work for cool filling and hot filling. It is made of high quality stainless steel with beautiful appearance and meets the food sanitation requirement.

Technical specifications :
Model CS-12 CS-18
Capacity 60-150B/min (According to Filling Volume) 60-170B/min (According to Filling Volume)
Filling Heads 12 18
Bottle Diameter 50-80mm 50-80mm
Bottle Height 50-200mm 140-290mm
Filling Volume 100-500ml 200-1000ml
Total Power 2.24kw 3.74kw
Facility Weight 1500kg 2000kg
Outer Dimension 1350x1400x2200mm 1600x1700x2400mm

Automatic Filling / Capping Lines for Glass Bottles

Suitable to automatically seal twist-off Lug Caps on glass bottles. The machine is a state-of-the-art sealing machine incorporating steam spray exhausting, mechanical sealing and water spraying thus ensuring perfect vacuum sealing of bottle. The machine is PLC controlled, GMP model.

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Automatic Filling Machine
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Technical Specifications:
Model CS9
Capacity 60 - 75 B/min
Closure Types Three twist cover, Four twist cover, Six twist cover & Pressing twist cover
Cap/Jar Diameter 30-90mm
Bottle/Jar Diameter 30-100mm
Bottle/Height 65-260mm
Motor Power 3.12kw
Steam Consumption 180-230kg/h
Steam Pressure 0.4MPa
Max. Vacuum Degree 67kPa(502mmHg)
Weight 1100kg
Outer Dimension 3000x1100x2000mm

Bottle Warming
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Bottle Warming / Cooling Conveyor

This Continuous Spray Conveyor is suitable to reduce the temperature of hot fill drink bottles to 30-36?C or to increase the temperature of cold filling carbonic drinks to 36-40?C. Its working process is divided into three stages. First stage circulates hot water spray. Second stage does warm water pre-cooling. And in the third stage it does cold water-cooling. The time in each of the three stages can be regulated as per requirement. The complete structure is made of SS 304 while the conveying belt is made of high temperature resistant polypropylene (CPP)

Technical specifications:
Model BW 3000 BW 6000 BW 10000
Capacity 3000-4000 BPH 6000-7000BPH 10,000BPH
Temperature Outlet 30-3 5?C 30-35?C 30-35?C
Cooling/Warming 10-20min 10-20min 10-20min
Steam Pressure Consumption (kg/hr) 100@0.4Mpa 150@0.4Mpa 200@0.4Mpa
Water consumption/hr 6m3 9m3 14m3
Dimension (mm) 3300x 1050x 1710 6600 x 1350 x 1710 11000x 1700x 1710

Aseptic Brickpack Packaging Lines

Suitable to fill sterilized juice in multilayer brick-pack carton.
  • It performs integrated operations from carton formation, carton sterilization, juice filling, top sealing, cap application and batch number embossing and cooling.
  • The complete machine is housed in stainless steel structure and is PLC controlled.
  • Adjustable production speed, filling volume from 250-1000ml
  • Incorporates state-of-the-art controls such as "no-box-no-fill", Hydrogen-peroxide spraying, constant liquid level controller, CIP systems for the filling head.

Aseptic Brickpack Packaging Lines
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Filling volume 250-500-1,000 ml
Speed Upto 2,000 boxes per hour
Electrical consumption 27 KVA
Air consumption 85 psi@ 7 Bar
Cooling water 50 F @ 100C
Filling temperature 88-940C
Product shelf life 3-6 months


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